Merino Wool Benefits

First, merino wool favorably affects the joints and actively stimulates blood circulation. It also has healing properties. Throws made from merino wool produce micro-massage of the body, which improves blood circulation. It is recommended to use them for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, pain in the back and spine.

Secondly, it's breathable and temperature regulating. Merino yarn perfectly maintains a constant body temperature, without overheating. It has active fibre's which mean it reacts to changes in body temperature, both this and it's breathability mean that it isn't clammy when going indoors from outside, not only that but it helps to regulate the heart rate which also improves sleep!

Also must be said that merino wool is hypoallergenic that means that it's also a wonderful fibre to use around babies with their sensitive skin, as well as pregnant women and all those who care about their health and comfort.

Farther due to the considerable quantity of wool lanoline, merino wool have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect. Therefore chunky merino knit blanket is recommended for those who suffer from osteochondrosis, rheumatic and orthopedic diseases, problems with bronchial tubes, edema. Merino wool is also very popular for athletic clothing because of its ability to regulate body temperature. It keeps a person warm without overheating, wicking moisture away from the skin. It can absorb water up to 1/3 of its weight but still retain its warmth when wet.

Finally, merino wool has self-cleaning effect because of it's special structure. The core of the fiber consists of two types of cells that absorb moisture differently. Some of them, if the air humidity rises, fill with water, then swell. Others change their size. Thus, friction appears between the fibers. Arm knit blanktes made from merino wool doesn't need frequent cleaning. It is enough to simply aerate them from time to time in wet weather.

Since the fibers are so thin, bacteria can’t find a surface to grow on so it doesn’t retain odors. The creatine contained in merino wool is an unfavorable environment for them. Water repellent, which is formed on the surface of fibers, repels insect pests. This is why Merino wool is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

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