Striped Blanket

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  • Please let us know which color from the color palette you prefer and we will knit custom blanket for you.

    Bring beauty and softness to your home with Wool Hugs Chunky Knit Blanket. Just put one of our blanket on your bed, sofa or chair or wrap yourself in soft throw blanket when reading or cuddling. It is an exceptional gift for Christmas, Housewarming and Birthday. And a perfect gift for yourself.

    Every knitted blanket is custom made that’s why we need some time (1-2 days) to knit it and in 4-6 days you will be wrapping yourself in a pure woven blanket.
    We knit our chunky blanket by hand and use only fine merino sheep wool. Our experience in knitting is 10 years already.

    Wool Hugs knit blanket is:
    - super soft and natural
    - hypoallergenic and antibacterial
    - breathable and temperature regulating

    Please keep in mind that chunky wool blanket is gentle product made of natural material and in the beginning it will shed but only until wool sets up. Due to the nature of merino wool flyaways and pilling is normal. To reduce this process and keep it looking the best be gentle with your blanket. We recommend use our products as a cover only (like a blanket or a throw).

    We recommend dry clean only, but chunky blanket shouldn’t need it much. They are designed to be decorative as much as possible so if you keep it on the bed or side of the sofa for instance rather then using it every night and spilling tea in it etc then they just need a bit of de-bobbling as and when (just like a nice jumper) 

    Measurements may change within a few inches due to the natural shift in the yarn.
    Color in pictures may slightly differ depending on the lighting, device and your screen specifics.

    We really love what we do and believe that not only wool will warm you but also the love we put into knitting our blankets.