Chunky Sweater

  • Wool Hugs Chunky Knit Sweater is the easiest way to look stylish and feel cozy this spring. Simple and chic this oversized sweater will help you create flawless look, emphasize your personality and warm you cool evenings. It is an exceptional gift for someone special to you. And a perfect gift for yourself.

    Every sweater is custom made that’s why we need some time (usually 5-6 days) to knit it and in 12-14 days you will dress up in your new pulover. We knit our sweaters of high-quality yarn: 50% wool, 50% acrylic. (Pink Sweater 100% wool). Our experience in knitting is 10 years already.

    Just choose your favorite color and suitable size and in a couple of weeks you will be enjoying your knitwear. 

    We really love what we do and believe that not only wool will warm you but also the love we put into knitting our pulovers.